Technical Tips

How to activate "Text to Speech"

A. iOS on a Mobile Phone or Tablet

Apple iOS has the "Text to Speech"-function as an integrated function of "Accessibility". Users do not need to install any extra Apps. Please, follow the folloing advices:


B. Android on a Mobile Phone or Tablet

Android by Google offers also a same feacher. Please, follow the following advice for the Settings. But the Settings menus on Android devices could differ from producer to producer:

In case of older devices, Users probably have to install the following App:

However, this system setting-up or the App "Google Text-to-Speech" alone could be not enough to let a Android-device read text on web pages or text files. So, there are many Apps offered in the Play Store. Following samples could be recommended:


C. Browsers on a Desktop PC or Notbook

For the popular Internet Browsers like "Goolge Chrome" or "Firefox", there are several "Extensions" or "Add-ons" for the "Text to Speech"-Functionality. The following ones could be recommended:


"Read Aloud" on Firefox could have problems. In such case, please, try the alternative "Text 2 Speech (TTS)".