For the Centennial

100 Years of the Civil and Commercial Code in Thailand

About Draft Civil and Commercial Code (1919)

A. Resource

According to the report of Mr. René Guyon in 1919, the final draft for the “Civil and Commercial Code, Book on Obligations” was accomplished in 1917. He wrote:

“The preliminary drafting [of Book on Obligations] of about 1400 Sections took some time (1908 – 1912), and a Draft was then submitted to the Revising Committee (1913), […] and the draft was then finally completed by the insertion of the contract of mortgage and of the preferential rights on immovables (1917). Now that it has been adopted, it is under translation.”
(René Guyon, “The Work of Codification in Siam”, Paris, 1919. In: สุรพล ไตรเวทย์, การร่างประมวลกฎหมายในประเทศสยาม, ๒๕๕๐, น.๒๐๐ – ๒๐๑)

This document was not officially published. However, its personal copy in the possession of Phraya Manava Rachasevi was identified in the “Phya Manava Rajsevi Library” in the Main Library of Bangkok University in Bangkok on June 16th, 2013 (Signature 217 and 217.2 in the part of books in foreign languages).

Cover, Book on Obligations Spine Titlepage, Book on Obligations

B. Contents

  • Contents of the “Book on Obligations” (PDF)

C. Text

— Division VII. Specific Contracts —

  • from “Title I. Sale” to “Title VII. Carriage” (PDF)
  • from “Title VIII. Loan” to “Title XIV. Agency” (PDF)
  • from  “Title XV. Brokerage” to “Title XXI. Bills” (PDF)
  • "Title XXII. Partnerships and Companies" and "Title XXIII. Associations" (PDF)

D. Comparison: Draft~OldText~NewText

  • from “Title I. Sale” to “Title XVI. Brokerage.” (PDF)
  • Individual files:
    • Title I. Sale. (PDF)
    • Title II. Exchange. (PDF)
    • Title III. Gift. (PDF)
    • Title IV. Hire of Property. (PDF)
    • Title V. Hire-Purchase. (PDF)
    • Title VI. Hire of Service. (PDF)
    • Title VII. Hire of Work. (PDF)
    • Title VIII. Carriage. (PDF)
    • Title IX. Loan. (PDF)
    • Title X. Deposit. (PDF)
    • Title XI. Suretyship. (PDF)
    • Title XII. Mortgage. (PDF)
    • Title XIII. Pledge. (PDF)
    • Title XIV. Warehousing. (PDF)
    • Title XV. Agency. (PDF)
    • Title XVI. Brokerage. (PDF)