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It is a pleasing occasion to announce the availability of the "Reconstruction of the Draft April 1924" just in time for the Centennial Anniversary of the Civil and Commercial Code of Thailand.

One handred years ago, in April 1924, the French legal advisers to the Siamese Government at the time published their final Draft for the Civil and Commercial Code, Book III on "Specific Contracts". During the period of May – November 1924, this Draft experienced fundamental reworks and rearrangements, and resulted in a final candidate in a new shape, which was eventually promulgated on 1st January 1925 as "ประมวลกฏหมายแพ่งและพาณิชย์ บรรพ ๓ พ.ศ. ๒๔๖๗".

The existence of the Draft April 1924 was, however, unknown for a long time. After the publication of the "Archives of the History of Thai Codification", several interesting documents were identified among them. In certain documents, Mr. Guyon spoke of this Draft. According to his words, the Draft April 1924 was a middle stage between the Draft 1919 and Book III of 1925. Its close research would be quite essential to determine the exact relation between the Draft 1919 and Book III of 1925. There are also documents which contain records of the revision of this Draft. Unfortunately, however, the Draft itself is not discovered in the Archives.

For this reason, it is necessary to reconstruct the Draft April 1924 from the related documents in the Archives in comparison to the Draft 1919, which is not discovered in the Archives either. After consideration and preparation works of several years, the first version of the reconstruction is finally available for a public review.

Hopefully, there will be positive and constructive resonance from interested readers and researchers.

29 April 2024

For details, please read the "Introductory Notes"
in the "Reconstruction" and other working papers.

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