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Centennial Project :

100 Years of the Codification in Thailand
“Civil and Commercial Code”

We have a celebration and will have much more ...

In 1919, the Code Commission of the Siamese Government completed the “Draft Civil and Commercial Code” under the direction of Monsieur René Guyon. It included mainly “Book on Obligations”, “Book on Capacity of Persons” and “Book on Things”.

In following years, it experienced fundamental policy changes and resulted in the promulgation of the Book I and II (B.E.2466, A.D.1923), and Book III (B.E.2467, A.D.1925).

In despite of these changes, and even after the revision of Book I and II (B.E.2468, A.D.1925) and III (B.E.2471, A.D.1928), certain part of the Draft of 1919 has survived its fates until today. It is true especially in case of Book III “Specific Contracts”.

Its 100th Anniversary would give us an opportunity to reassess the contribution of the French advisers to the modernization of the civil law in Thailand ...

In April 2021, the full-digitization of the Draft 1919 has been accomplished. Every reader has opportunity to examine the authenticity of the text in way of comparison between the text and the original page images.

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The work of the full-digitization of the Draft 1919 is now completed. Everybody can examine the authenticity of the text. Please, let me know if you find any errors in the text. Thank you.

A new project "Centennial" has been introduced. It is still a beginning. Hopefully, it will lead to productive discussion for the future of the civil law in Thailand.

アジア法学会誌『アジア法研究 2011』(第5号)に掲載予定の論文「1925年タイ民商法典における日本民法継受の態様」の非圧縮版を公開しました。詳しくはこちらへ …

来る11月6, 7日に開催予定のアジア法学会、2010年秋期研究総会で「タイ民商法典第一編・第二編における〈日本民法継受〉の態様」というタイトルで研究報告をいたすことになりました。その際に使用する参考資料を予めアップロードいたしました。


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