I. Draft of 1919

In 1919, the French advisers at the time submitted their final "Draft Civil and Commercial Code for the Kingdom of Siam" to the Siamese governement. Mr. René Guyon wrote in the same year:

The preliminary drafting [of Book on Obligations] of about 1400 Sections took some time (1908 – 1912), and a Draft was then submitted to the Revising Committee (1913), […] and the draft was then finally completed by the insertion of the contract of mortgage and of the preferential rights on immovables (1917). Now that it has been adopted, it is under translation.

∗ René Guyon, The Work of Codification in Siam, Paris, 1919. In: สุรพล ไตรเวทย์, การร่างประมวลกฎหมายในประเทศสยาม, ๒๕๕๐, น.๒๐๐ – ๒๐๑

However, the original text of the Draft of 1919 was believed to have been lost. Fortunately, one copy of the printed Draft is preserved in the main library of มหาวิทยาลัยกรุงเทพ. A special website is delicated for this valuable document;

Special Site for the Draft of 1919

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