Basic Grammar

General Introduction to Morphosyntax
of Japanese Language

The grammatical description of Japanese language on this site is
principally based on the following academic works:

"Japanische Morphosyntax". Groos, Heidelberg 1995;
Einführung in das klassische Japanisch. Anhand der Gedichtanthologie
„Hyakunin isshu“, Iudicium Verlag, München 2004;

Jens Rickmeyer

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[A] Basic Concepts and Inflection Tables of Verbs (Printing Version)
  1. Basic Concepts
  2. Inflection Tables of Verbs (Vc, Vv, Vu)
  3. Inflection Tables of Polite Forms of Verbs with「~ます」
[B] Inflection Tables of Nouns & Adjectives (Printing Version)
  1. Inflection Table of Nouns with「〜だ」「〜です」
  2. Inflection Tables of Adjectives (Aい, Aな・の)
  3. Inflection Tables of Polite Forms of Adjectives with 「~です」
[C] Negation of Verbs & Adjectives (Printing Version)
  1. Negation (I) : Verbs (Vc, Vv, Vu) with "-Ana.i"
  2. Negation (II) : Verbs (Vc, Vv, Vu) with  "-An.u"
  3. Negation : Polite Forms of Verbs with「~ません」「〜ないです」
  4. Negation : Nouns with 「ない」「ないです」「ありません」
  5. Negation (III): Adjectives (Aい, Aな・の) with 「ない」
  6. Negation : Polite Forms of Adjectives with 「ないです」「ありません」
[D] How to use "Participle" (て-form) of Verbs & Aejectives (Printing Version)
  1. "て-Syntagma" with Verbs
  2. "て-Syntagma" with Adjectives
  3. Conjunctive Function in Sequence of Several Sentences 
[E] About Particles and Introduction to Dependency Structure Analysis
[F] About Classical Japanese

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